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After releasing two EP’s, an album ( ‘SAY’, 2018) and one live EP, run SOFA is back with ‘FACE IT‘ and the band is more confident about their music than ever. This second album is musically raw and uses no tricks, leaving all the room to the power of their sound and words. The repetitive and minimalist bass lines make the spine of all the tracks, to which they add creaky guitar riffs and hypnotic drums. The lead voice is unique and frank, speaking scathing and ironic lyrics. Influenced by Show Me The Body, Sleaford Mods or Slint, the two cousins make their own version of post-punk, flirting with its limits. The tracks were recorded in Farrm Studio by Jan Viggria (The Guru Guru), mixed in J&J Studio in Bristol by Jim Barr (Portishead). ‘FACE IT’ will be released in autumn 2021 on Cloudshaper

run SOFA 1 ©La Base ASBL.JPG
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