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"This Venezuelan-Hungarian painter lives and works in Antwerp. In Gaiska's works the human being is central. They are often children or young people who do not know what to expect. Their gaze, attitude, presence are not unambiguous. Gaiska leaves the ambiguity of his works to the interpretation of the viewer.

Gaiska presents paintings that often evoke nostalgic memories. They are magical realist works representing distraught children, searching young people, hoping men and women. To depict his subject matter, Gaiska often draws inspiration from historical illustrations from his extensive collection of old magazines and books.The artist does not want to give the viewer a meticulous explanation of the content of his paintings. He leads the viewer through his bizarre distortions, lighting effects and unexpected extreme color segments into the unreal, intimist realms of a dream world, his world of hope. Gaiska suggests. The interpretation is up to the viewer." 

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