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After an 8 year cryosleep, the kebab-fuelled kaiju’s known as The Hickey Underworld have grumpily awoken from their slumber, only to find the world outside changed beyond recognition. Where is everyone on Chatroulette? Are man buns even a thing anymore? And, most pressingly, what’s the new number of their trusty dealer, Dikke Karim? Recharged, deloused, and freshly testicle-tanned, THU will once again reign supreme in 2023, the year of the Yin Water Rabbit, or Gui Mao (not be confused with Guy Mayo, the diminutive, dandruff-plagued owner of Frituur ’t Keteltje). Indeed, "Living on Big Foot", their eagerly-awaited comeback single, could comfortably be described as the sound of a fluffle of horned-up bunnies getting it on in an acid-laced jacuzzi. As the Chinese say, 让我看看娃娃上他碰过你的地方!

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