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Sympa - "Water is Lekker"

Introducing Simba, a new music project from drummer and multi-instrumentalist Casper Van De Velde, known for his work with bands like Schntzl and Bombataz. The album, titled "Sympa," is a collection of soothing, melodic songs that will transport you to a cozy and dreamy world. With a diverse range of instruments, including drums, percussion, keyboards, horns, guitars and vocals, this album is a perfect companion for relaxing on a sunny day or snuggling up in bed.

The album was created in 2020 when Casper's roommate Willem Malfliet discovered some of Casper's sketches and together they decided to turn them into a full album. With the help of producer Volta, the album was recorded and is finally ready for release on February 17th 2023 by Cloudshaper.

The album's lead single, "Water is Lekker," is a gentle and calming track that will ease your mind and remind you to take a deep breath. With influences from artists like Pierre Bastien, Building Instrument, Dominique Dumont, Mort Garson, Espen Reinertsen and Infinite Bisous, "Sympa" is a must-listen for fans of lo-fi and dreamy soundscapes. Don't miss out on this captivating new album, pre-order now.

Artwork by Casper Van De Velde

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