Nathan Elias is a 24-year-old Belgian-Korean musician, songwriter and composer based in Brussels. His music can be described as electronic, eclectic and is influenced by several different music styles and cultures, which creates this dark and melodic universe with atypical sounds. Nathan joined cloudshaper label and they will release a double album together. Album HYPERMNESIA (Pt.1/2) will be released in 2022 and second part DYSMNESIA (Pt. 2/2), will be for 2023. Elias brings kinetic, vibrant beats and has his own specific vision. He has crafted a stunning live set with a mesmerizing feel. 

The second single of part I, HYPERMNESIA, is “GRAVITY 0%”, a track with House codes brings a groovy atmosphere, inspired by North American house music, Ross from friends and dj Boring. The bone-dry dubstep vibes resurface in "Gravity 0%", a tasty rattling track that is both relaxed and retested. The summer vibe synthstabs and the paranoid atmosphere leave you drenched in (cold) sweat.

Preview "Album HYPERMNESIA (Pt.1/2)" here.