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EP 1000 FEET TO DANCE-  Release date 9th of June 2023

Belgian-Korean musician, Nathan Elias, is gearing up for the release of his latest EP, "1000 FEET TO DANCE", set to drop in June. Following the success of his previous album "HYPERMNESIA (Pt.1/2)" released under Cloudshaper label, Elias is back with a bang, delivering an electrifying ode to club music from around the globe.

This new EP is a fascinating blend of kinetic, vibrant beats and atypical sounds, typical of Elias' unique style. The title track, "1000 FEET", is a nod to UK Garage vibes, while "ROCK OUT" takes inspiration from the Baltimore club scene, and "MOVE" boasts classic TR-808 patterns. Elias' diverse influences and musical styles are on full display in this release, showcasing his versatility and creativity as an artist.

With "1000 FEET TO DANCE", Nathan Elias has taken a step back to the roots of what drew him to electronic music, and the result is a mesmerizing EP that is sure to get listeners moving. Elias has crafted a stunning live set, which is a must-see, to truly experience the full range of his talents. Get ready to dance and immerse yourself in the dark, melodic universe of Nathan Elias.

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