Judith Kiddo

Only loves me when I cry

After a series of immediately noticed concerts on the Brussels scene, Judith Kiddo delivered in July 2020 a first EP entitled "Petit Chien". Her gentle madness, eclectic influences and very instinctive relationship to writing nourish an effective multi-faceted synth pop. Focused on a strong and sensual voice, her songs take on agile guitars, retro-futuristic keyboards and organic and/or electronic beats. On stage, Judith delivers a raw, ultra-sensitive and funny presence, surrounded by musicians seen at David Numwami, Aksak Maboul or Steve Gunn. Her debut album, "Ready to Heal", will be released in late 2022 by cloudshaper.

The second single on the album, "Only Loves Me When I Cry" is one of the key songs on the album. The song charts the emotional course, with bubbling '80s synths and engaging Feist-like choruses; it drags on and on, ending in an almost crushing climax.

"I really thought I owned this nasty little game we used to play, 'till it got really out of hand and I just couldn't walk away, ah ah !"