On May 27, the debut EP 'Toujours L'amour' will be released on cloudshaper label.


The cheerfully hopping "Toujours l'Amour" is enthusiastic synthpop, with lots of retro 80's references. In addition to the strumming keys and burping sequencers, it also contains a fat nod to bellhop legends Telex, also known as "the Belgian Kraftwerk".

The more measured "Les Fleurs" combines the grittiness of the better 'French Touch' releases with a lightheartedness that betrays a penchant for kitschy summer hits. The minimalist melody line, so to speak, has already packed its bags and is ready to leave for the Mediterranean plages.

The keys of the restrained "Flat Wire" blend an echo of a melancholy drawl, a table full of creamy cheese and wine with a gruff aftertaste, with a yearning desire to go clubbing. Like David Guetta taking an oldie from 808 State unabashedly and backwards.

In "Demi Tour," it's as if the "Eurovision" theme is raped by a filthy acidhouse beat, or the moog classic "Popcorn" comes thundering plinkplonking down the stairs.

"SEX" also goes off the rails expertly. It sounds like a gabber record that has been melting in the sun, which was then glued back together with a spicy pepper sauce.